How JIRA and IRA Agile to JIRA Software Transition will Affect Your License?

With previous JIRA versions, JIRA Agile was a plugin on top of JIRA application. Service Desk was the same, another add-on for JIRA. With JIRA 7, Atlassian went a completely different approach. Now there are now three separate products you can choose from, JIRA Core, JIRA Software or JIRA Service Desk.

Jira Core

This is old JIRA. It is for general purpose issue management. It doesn’t contain software specific features available in the old JIRA, such as “Fix Versions” or “Affect Versions” fields. It can be used by any team, such as marketing, HR.

Jira Software

This product is a combination of old JIRA application and JIRA Agile add-on. You don’t need an extra plugin for planning your software development projects. Most software teams these two products anyway. Prices are higher than JIRA Core because of extra JIRA Agile functionality.

Jira Service Desk

This product is a combination of old JIRA application and JIRA Service Desk add-on. You don’t need an extra plugin for managing your support operations.

How This Will Effect You

As you can see, in terms of functionality nothing is changed. But the price you will pay may change, thats why your license will not be renewed automatically.

Actually for most users nothing will change. But in your organization, if there are large number of employees who doesn’t need JIRA Software License and you are close to your license limit new licensing model can be advantageous to you. How?

Because in the old model number of users for your JIRA Agile plugin license should match number of users for JIRA license. So if you have 250 user JIRA license you would need to purchase JIRA Agile for 250 users too. But most of these users will not use JIRA Agile functionalities because it is only meaningful for software people, not for HR, business, support teams. In the new licensing model you purchase JIRA Software license for a lower number of users and for the users who will not use software development specific features you may purchase additional JIRA Core licenses.

Lets restrict us to a scenario where you have 120 employees. Assume that breakdown of the users are as follows:

  • Software Teams: 80 people (people who need JIRA Agile functionalities)
  • Other employees: 40 people (people who don’t need JIRA Agile functionalities)

In the old model, you need a 250 user JIRA license and 250 user JIRA Agile license, they need to match. Why 250 and not 120, because you can purchase in tiers and you have to choose either 100 person or 250 person license. The price you will pay in the old model is $12000:

  • JIRA Core (250 Users): $8000
  • JIRA Agile (250 Users): $4000
  • Total : $12000

Lets see the price you will pay in the new model. First of all since our development team has less than 100 users we can start with 100 user JIRA Software license. This will leave 40 user to be licensed, your non-development employees. Since they will not need JIRA Agile functionality we can only upgrade JIRA Core license to 250 user. The final price will be: $10000

  • JIRA Core (250 Users): $8000
  • JIRA Software (100 Users): $2000
  • Total : $10000

You have just saved $2000 :)