JIRA Note Taker User Manual

This plugin allows you to attach any contextual notes on the issues. These notes are private, only visible to you. You can use these notes for;

How it is Work?

Creating a Note

Start by adding notes on the view issue page. You can use markdown syntax to enter rich text notes; You can use our cheatsheet for a quick overview of what is possible, but here is a quick overview:

You can add as many notes as you want on a single issue. You can use colors to categorize your notes. For example your todo items may be green and your reference items may be yellow. You can even use colors to identify different components, versions, prioritization. It is up to you.

You can use CMD+Enter or CTR + Enter to save your issue or ESC key to cancel it.

Viewing Notes

Creating a Note

You can view notes directly on the issue page but if you want to see all of your notes together you can use one of two views:

Creating a Note

Table view is a classical way of seeing your notes. In addition to note content and date it also shows you issue key and issue summary so that you can associate note to its context. It allows you to sort your notes by date and issue key.

You can also filter your notes with free text search or by note color. Free text search searches the text you have entered inside note text and issue key. It does not search for issue summary. You can edit your note content and its color using the pen icon, or you can delete it using trashcan icon.

Creating a Note

The other view is cork board view. It is a more artistic way of visualizing your notes. You can also filter and search your notes directly on the cork board view. Your filter and search settings are carried through view switches between cork board view and table view. You can also edit and delete your notes on the cork board view by using the exact same icons.