Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers which personal data we have access to and how we handle this personal data.

On-Premise Add-ons/Apps

None of our on-premise add-ons (apps) collect any analytics or personal information. Your data does not leave your own servers under any circumstances.

Cloud Add-ons/Apps

Our cloud add-ons/apps have access to the username of the user making a request to our cloud add-ons. For Similar Issues Finder Cloud app we don’t use or store this information. Our Note Taker app uses this username to associate notes to related user. Note Taker uses Google’s Firebase database. Only one user has access to this database and we don’t inspect content of this database under any circumstance. Note that, our Note Taker app is no longer available.

Atlassian Marketplace

Our add-ons/apps are sold on Atlassian Marketplace. If you generate an evaluation license or purchase a license for any of our add-ons, Atlassian Marketplace provides us contact information of the licensee. We don’t store this information in our own servers and we only access this through Atlassian Marketplace user interface when required. We don’t have any newsletter and we don’t send bulk emails but we may use this contact email address to notify you about our add-ons, for example expired license, security issues. You can opt-out anytime you want to and we will not send you any e-mail again.

Support Request

To create a support request in our issue tracker you need to provide an email address and name. Our issue tracker allows public access and if you create an issue your name will be associated with the issue and it will be visible to others (your email is only visible to us, not others). If you prefer, you can contact us and ask that your request shall be private between you and us. We will process this request within 1 business day. At anytime you may request your account to be removed from our issue tracker and will comply with your request within 1 business day. If you prefer, you can completely skip our issue tracker and contact us directly for support requests. In that case your support request will be handled privately.